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School Counselling

The school years define a person’s life and that is why parents treat their children’s education with a lot of care because they know that their children’s school years will be a defining moments for their kids. During this time, a person will develop his/her personality that could make or break his social ties with friends and family members. It is also the stage where someone decides what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, school can be a very stressful place and if care is not taken, the child might become despondent and lose focus on what matters in life. This is where school counselors come in. the school counselor will basically try to help the student to cope with life in school and ensure that they excel both in academics and extracurricular activities as well as get along with their peers without any problems.

Without the school counselor, things can get very overwhelming for both the students and the teachers because they don’t have the skills to deal with such issues when they arise. For instance, when a child has difficulty getting along with other children due to personality issues, it is the school counselor who has the necessary training and skill sets to know what to do.

In other words, school counselling aims at helping the children get the best out of their education. School counselors can also be referred to as guidance counselors. Normally, the school counselors will work with students directly over the course of the year and assist then in a variety of ways: personally, academically, and socially. They may also them overcome and resist substance abuse as well as guide them in coping with peer pressure.

The society has recognized the tremendous role the school counselors are playing in shaping the lives of individuals. That is why professional school counselors are one of the most highly regarded professionals in the modern world. School going kids find counselors to be persons with caring and listening attributes and this is what endears the clients to them. Thus, students trust their school counselors to help them make important academic, personal and career decisions.

So if you want to know how to become a school counselor, you need to go through a rigorous amount of training. This includes but not limited to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree and getting a doctorate or PhD if you want to further expand your career and increase employment opportunities. Only those who are serious about entering this profession are encouraged to apply for enrolment. So some people, this is not a career; it is a calling.

The society in general needs school counselors to help its children to make good choices in their school lives and help the tackle common challenges that face youths and young adults who are struggling to cope with changes in their academic, personal and social lives. In short, they need a direction in life and that can only be provided by their school counselors.