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The Paybacks Of Being A Dental Hygienist

Yes, it is true that dental hygienists may not reach the level of dentists in terms of rank and acknowledgment, but dental hygienists are still widely recognized for their endless presence in the lives of their clients as they usually spend a good amount of time taking care of the latter’s oral health. Sure, they are only able to provide basic oral health services but it doesn’t change the fact they receive a lot of gratitude from their customers. Additionally, dental hygienists are capable of performing regular maintenance tasks like fluoride medications, standard teeth cleaning, accomplish teeth and mouth x-rays, and assess the patient’s oral health by identifying common oral disorders.

People should learn not to undermine the capability of dental hygienists because they are also licensed professionals and have also undergone stringent training. Shaming them just because they are not dentists is unfair and it’s not ethical to keep comparing them to the latter because they are very different.

Despite the stigma that some dental hygienists encounter, there are still a lot of rewards that the job entails. Keep on reading to know them.

1. Dental hygienists earn decent salaries.

Dental hygienists receive very decent salaries. According to the report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists earn an annual average income of US$70,000. Of course, high caliber dental hygienists are expected to make more money. Further reports revealed that hygienists on the top tier can earn as much as US$ 95,000 per year.

2. Dental hygienists have a lot of job prospects.

Based on the claims of a certain top US dental hygiene programs review, there are a lot of job prospects for dental hygienists even fresh graduates. Opportunities are brighter for those who have graduated from top ranked dental hygiene schools.

Dental hygienists also have the freedom to transfer or find another job without a lot of trouble. The Bureau of Labor anticipated that job opportunities for dental hygienists will witness a steady increase until the year 2020. Many employment research surveys have yielded positive results about the increasing awareness of the community regarding the significance of maintaining dental health. This incline can also be attributed to the fact that the dental field is following an assertive approach in publicizing the paybacks of pro-active oral health care compared to reactive dental care.

3. Dental hygienists have plenty of chances to get to know a lot of people.

Socialization is a skill that is hard to acquire. But if you are a dental hygienist, acquiring the said skill should be effortless as you will be constantly interacting with the clinic’s clients. As time goes by, you will be surprised that you were able to build a network base. And you know that connections are very important these days. Also, do not rule out the fact that the more friends you have, the more clients you will get as your old clients will also refer their friends to your clinic. Behold the pouring of blessings.

4. Dental hygienists are considered by a lot of people to be important in the dentist industry.

Although there are still puritans out there who undermine the skills of dental hygienists, there are more people who consider that the profession is as important as dentists. First and foremost, dental hygienists help people in taking care of their teeth. They also do information and education campaigns to make sure that their clients will develop a culture that promotes proper dental health care.
If you are a dental hygienist or planning to be one, be proud and face the world with your head held high.